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10.02.2016 Back.

Turkey’s heart will beat with Tarnet.

T.R. Ministry of health has opened tender for improvement of National Health System and maintenance of the current system in January of 2016. Tarnet A.Ş. was invited to this tender and awarded the contract. With the help of this system which is rare among the world, our citizens, on e-Pulse system, can see the healthcare facilities, the detailed information as to which branch they have visited of these facilities, and when they have visited, and the prescription written fort hem, the name of the physician giving the prescription, the drugs and drug information, write the adverse affects of the listed drugs they have detected, if they want they can update or delete the adverse affect information they entered. They can see the results of the diagnosis they have made in the laboratory, information of the reports they took, if the healthcare facility they visited is integrated to Teletıp (Tele-Medicine) system, then the medical images and related reports.

In addition to that, they can add their drug allergy or other allergies in to the system, and they can update of delete the information of their allergy they added. They can get their rendezvous over e-Pulse system, which is working along with MHRS. They can evaluate the health system they are given in the health care facility they go. They can rate the health service they got in the healthcare facilities they were offered and also comment on them.

The reminders of medicine are sent to the citizens as info-SMS in the application developed by e-pulse system for mobile phones. Via 112 emergency button they can inform the emergency of an event, which they or their kin experience or happening close to them and with the location information they send they can help them to reach as soon as possible.

The entire application shall operate under the assurance of Tarnet A.Ş. until the end of the time defined in the tender. Within this time of period, Tarnet A.Ş. shall accelerate the research and development activities in order to perform the necessary improvements and shall show effort for T.R. Ministry of Health to present a world-class service to our citizens.