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Turkey Agriculture Credit Cooperatives (TKK) is a web-based ERP automation application. As well as being the biggest web-based automation system among the cooperative union associates, it’s consisted of components enhancing the quality of administrative and business processes and work with the related establishments integratedly.

EKOOP is designed to fulfill the needs required by legislative amendments on a software basis, enable the integration of Cooperatives with the needed establishments and make updates.


  • Stock Module
  • Dispatching Module
  • Partner Tracking Module
  • Partner Credit Module
  • Insurance Module
  • Execution for Debt Module
  • Employee Module
  • Pay Roll Module
  • Subsistence and Discipline Module
  • Inspection Module
  • Accounting Module
  • TFRS Module
  • Fund Management Module
  • E-bill
  • E-notebook
  • Bill Tracking Module
  • Debit Credit Module
  • Organization Module
  • Education Module
  • Litigation Module
  • Fixed Assets and Document Archive Modules
  • Sales Management and Administrative Affairs Module
  • Real Estate Module
  • Affiliates Module
  • Company Customer Module
  • Address Label Module
  • Cooperative Assembly and Village Transfer Module
  • User Management Module
  • Helpdesk Module


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