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About Us

Efficient Technology

Times are changing, speed is increasing. Time becomes our most precious asset. 

As TARNET Family, we provide added value to our country with our IT, software services and agricultural technology products, which have caught up with the age since 1996 and are even one step ahead of the age. We are advancing technology not only in a speed-oriented manner, but in a way that touches people, life, shapes the future, and most importantly, contributes to nature.

We add value to our country with our quarter-century Turkish Agricultural Credit Cooperatives and services we offer to our customers operating in different sectors and we produce value-added solutions within Gazi University Technopark. 

We are the pioneers of the Technology Move in Agriculture. As TARNET, we strive to raise awareness with great duties and responsibilities by bringing soil and technology together. This is a technology breakthrough in total agriculture. Our aim is to be the pioneer of digital transformation with new generation investments in the agricultural sector as well as in the field of informatics and software. 


To contribute to our country with our experience in the field of informatics and technology by making time and producing projects with the excitement of the first day, with a professional team spirit.


To carry our brands to the future in the field of informatics, software and agricultural technologies and to make our country a leader in technology, now and in the future, by producing national technologies. 

Our Core Values

Keeping the relationship between agriculture and technology in balance, adapting to change, being in constant development, producing projects with social responsibility awareness are among our values.

National Technology Move

TARNET, an affiliate of the Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, has a corporate memory that has been following, applying and projecting technology since 1996. We have been serving with competitive products in the information sector for 25 years. We turn informatics and technology into applicable solutions in every field and we design projects. We produced all our projects for these lands without deviating from our National Technology targets.  

While combining this knowledge and experience in the field of informatics and technology with new generation investments, we set out to be one of the pioneers of digital transformation in agriculture today. 

We have a structure that grows day by day with our new collaborations, cooperatives and affiliates that direct technological developments. We are working to provide the greatest support to the national technology move by preparing for the developing and changing world conditions. 

As the Tarnet Family, we are creating a new information and technology map for future generations, and we are realizing projects that will build the agriculture of the future. Since the day we set out, our struggle continues in this direction. In line with our goals, our dreams about informatics, technology and agriculture will continue to come true. 

Huzeyfe YILMAZ

Tarnet A.Ş. - General Manager