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Agricultural Technologies Main Stakeholder

As TARNET, which is the main stakeholder of TEKNOFEST, we prepare the future of agriculture with our youth. We produce innovative solutions with technology to strengthen agricultural life. We share our excitement with our youth with TEKNOFEST.

We want to build a strong technological agriculture future together by combining our 25 years of experience with young talents. The competitions we organize in this context enable young minds to realize the strong agricultural technology ideas of the future.

Now, we are waiting for our new talents with the excitement of TEKNOFEST!

Agricultural Technologies and Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle Competition will be held within the scope of TEKNOFEST 2021.

The competition aims to create solutions for the problems in agriculture by using technology for individuals and teams. In this direction, projects will be evaluated and put into practice. The scope of this contest includes all kinds of projects that offer technological solutions related to agriculture and animal husbandry.

High school students, all university students studying in Turkey and abroad (associate degree-undergraduate) can participate in the Agricultural Technologies Competition.

Associate, undergraduate, graduate who are studying in Turkey and abroad and university graduates can participate in the Agricultural Unmanned Land Vehicle Competition.

The evaluation will be made in three different segments as Project Pre-Evaluation Form, Project Detail Report and competition scoring. Teams that do not submit the Project Pre-Evaluation Form and Project Detail Report files will not be eligible to participate in the competition.

Teams ranked in the prize will be eligible to receive the prize money stated in the table below.

Agricultural Unmanned Ground Vehicle Competition

  • First: 30.000 TL
  • Second: 20.000 TL
  • Third: 10.000 TL

Agricultural Technologies Competition:

  • First: 15.000 TL
  • Second: 10.000 TL
  • Third: 5.000 TL

Competition Priority Topics:

  1. Smart Agricultural Technologies

1.1. Phytosanitary protection technologies

1.2. Plant Nutrition technologies

1.3. Planting technologies

1.4. Soil Analysis technologies

1.5. Harvest / Threshing technologies

  1. Irrigation / Fertilization Systems
  2. Greenhouse Automation Systems
  3. Using Drone Technologies in Agriculture

4.1. Seed Dressing / Fertilization

4.2. Imaging

4.3. Seeding

  1. Automatic Steering Systems
  2. Digital Pheromone Trap Technologies (Insect Trap)
  3. Early Warning Systems - Agricultural Meteorological Station Technologies
  4. Animal Husbandry Technologies
  5. Other Agricultural Technologies

You can get detailed information about the Competition and apply from



15 March 2021

Competition Application Deadline

29 March 2021

Project Pre-Evaluation Form Deadline

29 April 2021

Announcement of the Teams that passed the pre-selection according to the Project Pre-Evaluation Form Results

10 June 2021

Project Detail Report Deadline

10 July 2021

Sharing the Project Detail Report Results with the Winning and Finalist Team

21–26 September 2021


  • Which titles are valid for the advisor faculty member? (Such as Res. Asst, Asst. Prof.,)

For the advisor faculty, Dr., Asst. Assoc. and Prof. their titles are accepted.

  • How can I apply for the contest?

You can make your application at

  • Can more than one team from a university participate?

Yes, they can.

  • With how many teams can a consultant apply?

One advisor can advise up to 2 teams.

  • Where should the statistical data mentioned in the projects be obtained?

The source of information such as crop production statistics, animal production statistics, agricultural tool and machinery statistics, agricultural price and economic calculations, agricultural structure and business statistics etc. provided in the projects under evaluation should be verified. It is recommended to be obtained from Turkish Statistical Institute (TURKSTAT), FAO, OECD etc.

  • What are the factors that the competition jury will pay attention to in their evaluations?

Among the projects participating in the competition, projects that will solve problems in agriculture by using technology, increase productivity in agricultural production, facilitate the farmer's life, and create economic solutions that will ensure the protection of soil and plants will be evaluated with priority.

  • Can I submit a project other than the subject titles in the competition specifications?

Yes, you can. But your project should not go beyond the main title of Agricultural Technologies.

  • Who should I contact?

The first addressee of the contestants is the Teknofest Organization. If Teknofest deems it necessary, you can contact Tarnet.

  • Is it ok for us to obtain sponsorship from schools / foundations or some companies?

Although there is no objection for the teams to get cash or in-kind aid for the purposes of transportation, production, testing, improvement, etc. to the competition area and making sponsorship negotiations, it is recommended that they create resources with these methods.